Ball-TRaCK title


Ball-TRaCK title

Update news:

Version 1.2 Submitted and approved by Apple review. Contains numerous bug fixes and improvements including an improved losing screen.

Version 1.1 Submitted and accepted by Apple. Has several major fixes over version 1.0 including a new soundtrack and other performance enhancements.

Application Description on iTunes:

A simple game which involves quick reaction times and clever movement.

You control a ball with your finger, trying to dodge enemies that come at you from the edges of the screen. You gain a score over time… Sounds simple, but there’s a few catches!!! The enemies get harder with time… They may seem easy to start with, but after a while there will be more and more. Eventually, there are so many that each tiny mistake is punishable with death.

A simple proof of concept game which has been developed into a more complex game as a development learning excercise.

Available on the AppStore:

Ball-TRaCK - Scott Rapson

Application is live. Click the link above or visit Ball-TRaCK on iTunes to download it for free on the AppStore. It may also be recompiled and tweaked for release on the android store at a later date using the AIR to android compiler.

History of Ball-TRaCK:

Since the beginning (just after apple banned the cross compiler) the app has evolved into a finished product, with plenty of potential. It also shows the performance and ease of the PFI compiler and demonstrates that a native gameplay can be made in Flash. It has gained a great 8-bit style, loading screen, start menu with how to play menu and credits menu, a score, enemies (which get harder over time) a losing screen and soundtrack . We are still working on making the soundtrack better and more dynamic while retaining performance and simple theme. Highscores are nearly complete.

After some issues with the Application loader, the application was submitted to apple and approved almost exactly a week later.


See below for some screenshots of the most recent public version. Click on them for a higher quality image:

Loading Screen

How to Play

Basic gameplay shortly after starting

Please download it, test it, comment your thoughts and give it a good, but moderately honest rating. Thanks

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