Ball-TRaCK title

Ball-TRaCK is live, LandGen rejected!

The iPhone app (the ‘hobby’ app) Ball-TRaCK is now live on the app store. Luckily it was approved on the first attempt, but for some reason, was or has been uploaded as an older version.

As a result, I had to fiddle around with iTC and flash to make a new public release. It has been submitted to Apple for update and I even sent them a nice email asking for the process to be speedy. Version 1.1 is available with bug fixes now. Versi0n 1.2 adds functionality and bug fixes, and should be available in a day or so.

The application is live on the store, and can be found at;

Ball-TRaCK - Scott Rapson

Download it now!

The official ‘available on the app store’ logo will be up soon and a full product page. (to use those resources I need to do some paperwork)

On another, less exciting note, the land generator application was rejected due to ‘limited functionality”. I kinda expected that in a small way, but it would have been nice to be accepted.