Ball-TRaCK for Blackberry Playbook

Ball-TRaCK for Blackberry Playbook

Ball-TRaCK for Playbook

As so far, it is similar to the iPhone version, but smoother and harder and the larger screen really suits the game. The art style did match the iphone version, but I decided that Ball-TRaCK has outgrown that look, and gone noir, with a black/darker theme. This looks better onscreen and dosen’t have the harsh white background like before.

I also made a nicer looking icon that suits the device’s pre-rendered shadow and transparent background.


Because its built for AIR, Ball-TRaCK runs flawlessly at 60fps, which is a massive improvement from the iPhone experience. I have added a new powerup type, which removes the currently visisble enemies, sets the difficulty back a bit, and some bonus points, but to make the game more interesting it gets harder, faster, and after 2500 points or so, your survival depends on getting a clearing powerup.

Im considering adding some faster enemies which are less frequent, and some pure score boosts.

Here are some screen caps.





And here’s a video!