I wrote a game called Ball-TaP overnight. I then took another day and a half to give a bit of extra polish and a menu system.

It is now available on the AppStore!

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Ball-TaP - Scott Rapson

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App Description on iTunes

Ball-Tap is the sequel to Ball-TRaCK!

Ball-TaP is easy to play and learn, but requires exceptionally fast reflexes at higher levels of gameplay.

Tap the dots to dismiss them. If they are left too long they will move away and shrink, making them harder to hit.

Gameplay details:

- You are rewarded with 20 points x level for hitting a spot.

- If you miss tap and hit the background, you are fined 50 points x the level

- If you let a dot disappear, you lose a life. You have 3 lives to start with and lives can be recovered by reaching a higher level.

- You go up a level when you hit 20 spots correctly. Levelling up will make the dots dissapear faster.

Has all the usuals like iOS4 multitasking, mostly retina supported etc. I have not made this a universal application for iPad support because the gameplay doesn’t translate to the larger screen well. I may make it universal sometime in the future.

1.1 will add global leaderboards!

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Version 1.1

Added global leaderboards! Only a username is required to submit, no messy logins or passwords… Loads of other tweaks as well…

Version 1.0 Release

Initial release on AppStore. Contains homemade highscore and local score saves, basic menu system and paging how to play page.


Scott Rapson