Arduino ColorShield and 8x8 Matrix Test

Arduino ColorShield and 8×8 Matrix Test

Little bit of what I have been doing with my arduino Uno, ColorShield and a 8×8 RGB LED matrix.


The 8×8 RGB matrix


The ColorShield on top of the Uno, Simple design, and makes driving large matrix’s much simpler and faster

I’m planning on making a larger matrix with separate LED’s, to make some wall art, similar to the Daft Punk style coffee tables found around the net.

I also made this little lit cube in 30 minutes the other day. The actual design is borrowed from someones instructable, which I then printed a net, and stuck it ontop of the 8×8 matrix. As below… When runnning the 8×8 matrix’s plasma demo, the colour gently shifts.


I found that the 8×8 matrix makes the cube very well lit, with very even distribution of colour around the cube. As the leds are individually addressable, different colours can be scrolled through on different places of the matrix, to add a bit more interest.