Name and other platformer things...

Name and other platformer things…

Also called Adhesion now! (as in sticky, its fitting)

So, to get a break from Objective-C++, I decided to try and make a landing page for, because thats where the app’s support page is.


I started by making a mockup in photoshop, which looks like this:


After getting the right font (the hardest part), I started designing it in html and css. Didn’t take long, because its not exactly that complicated, but Im pretty sure it won’t look right in crappy older browsers (IE). And to be honest, I don’t really care.


As for fonts, checkout Lost Type. They have a fantastic collection of premium quality fonts available for freeeee… Very useful resource!

So, now what?

There is a small amount of formatting work to be done to clean things up a bit with changing the window size, and I should probably add an ‘email me when ready’ button amongst other things, but they can come later.

I still have a lot of work to do with Adhesion, but its getting there. Music is starting to be organised, and Im doing another graphics jam next week.